Bizminers – Microsoft Dynamics CRM & MailChimp Integration

One of the out of the box Microsoft Dynamics CRM modules is the marketing module. And, one of the features inside the marketing module is the ability to create and manage marketing campaigns. In today’s internet era, one of the most common types of marketing campaigns is conducted via e-mail marketing and is a must-have for most companies.

While Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides the functionality (via the marketing module and e-mail capabilities) to complete an e-mail marketing campaign, it is a very messy process and is missing some very common features that most companies expect, and need, when they talk about e-mail marketing.

While Microsoft Dynamics CRM and most other competitive CRM solutions all offer very basic e-mail marketing capabilities, there are other companies that only focus on e-mail marketing. Since that is all they do, they offer up a slew of features that you don’t find with out of box CRM solutions. And, most of these features are in high demand. This had led companies that are leveraging a CRM tool to select one of these third-party companies and run their email marketing campaigns through the third-party solution. This has its downside because you are now working with two sets of data: one in your CRM database, and the other inside the e-mail marketing tool. Traditionally companies will export a list from their CRM database and then import that list into their -email marketing tool. Every time they want to send out a marketing campaign via e-mail they will go through this process. Additionally, the e-mail marketing solution offers up statistics (how many e-mails were opened, forwarded, etc.), unsubscribe features, campaign history, etc., that are important, and that customers would like to get back into their CRM database. Unfortunately, this very complicated. As you can already tell by now, this ends up being painful, costly, and complicated.

Essentially what we have done with our plug-in is focused on allowing a Microsoft Dynamics CRM user to stay within the Microsoft Dynamics CRM product to quickly create and execute an e-mail campaign, and of course leverage the powerful features of MailChimp at the same time.

Campaign Features

  • Easily create the message that’s right for you and customize it to make it look like your brand
  • Ability to paste your custom HTML e-mail designs inside Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
  • You can select saved Mailchimp template for content inside CRM
  • Upon creation of a campaign activity in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, our plug-in will automatically push the campaign activity with the marketing list (and associated contacts/leads/accounts) into MailChimp.
  • You can set MailChimp campaign sending options inside CRM campaign section.

List Features

  • Build and grow your own e-mail list
  • Create marketing lists inside Microsoft Dynamics CRM and have them automatically created/synchronized in MailChimp.
  • Anytime you update your marketing list in CRM, it will be updated in MailChimp
  • Add/remove members(contacts) via the marketing list and that also will be done automatically.
  • Automatically lead record is created for new subcribers
  • Option to Disqualify unbounced or unsubscribed lead.

Tracking Features

  • Track your results with Advanced Reporting
  • Get email actions as campaign responses as Url Clicks , Opens, NotOpens, Bounces, UnSubscriptions, Complaints etc.
  • You can track your campaign on CRM even if you did not create on CRM, you can bind campaign which created and sent from Mailchimp
  • When you finished the campaign, you set the status as ‘completed’ and all not opened actions created as a campaign responses on CRM
  • Historical data. We provide the ability to synchronize all the historical information inside MailChimp pertaining to an e-mail campaign back into Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

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